Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is It Fun At The Y-M-C-A???

Did I tell you that my sister and I and our girls joined the YMCA?

So last night I went to the YMCA for my second workout of the day.

Yes, I am impressed with myself also.

And I thought.... it is time to get over this fear of dressing in the locker room. Just go back into the corner and change out of your work clothes into your work-out clothes.

No biggie, right?


I got partway undressed and realized I couldn't do it. I had a flash back of this picture of me and Rebecca at Sea World I had thoughts of some poor child coming into the locker room and shrieking "MOM THERE IS A MANATEE IN THE LOCKER ROOM" Perhaps a manatee had escaped the lap pool and was flopping around in the locker room.So I went into the restroom part of the locker room to dress. It was a joy. The automatic toilet kept flushing every time I got close to it. 3 or 4 times it flushed. I can only assume it also thought there was an escaped manatee in there and was trying to keep it wet.


critterlover said...

Oh sweetie. I had a friend who changed in the girls bathroom every PE for all of Jr. High and High School. Even when I stayed the night at her house, she'd only change in another room or with the lights off.

I wonder to this day if her dear husband has even seen her nekkid.

You are no Manatee or anything of the sort. You are a beautiful WOMAN. We have curves. (ok, some of us have rolls, but you get the idea)

No worries about changing, I guarantee you will not frighten small children.

Again, from my own personal experience, the only thing that gets scary is when I pass a mirror nekkid. Oh boy, that can be bad for me and the mirror! Talk about trauma.

pigeonboy said...

Not even close...I swear if I went into that locker room and some nasty little kid walked in, they'd swear Bobs Big Boy from the Macy's parade escaped and stripped naked....no one should have to see this...which is why my wife has turned into a NUN..the human eye can only take so much before it goes stumbling off into psycho-nun ville.... the joys of being naked.....I havent looked in a mirror in ten years....people would think I was a effin' vampire...but its not true....I just don't like to think of Shamu being cooped up in that little bathroom...and naked to boot!