Monday, October 26, 2009

Dog Stalking & Neon Booty Shorts

Sunday mornings usually find Chandra and I working on our current study (The Power of Praying for your Adult Children) and discussing life.
In the summer this took place over coffee and pastries at the local Panera, but now that it is cool in the mornings we are at our favorite outdoor place: the local dog park.

I know you might assume that we actually have a dog with us, but we don't.

I know you might assume we walk the circuit, but we don't

I know you might assume we sit in the bigger area of the park that doesn't allow free roaming puppy dogs, but we don't.

We get there early so we can commandeer a table in the Big Dog Area so we can watch the dogs, laugh at their antics, and work on our study.

We realize that this may seem strange to the other regulars who actually bring dogs. We are even getting to know the dogs by name now.
It is fun to sit in the sunshine and see joy in silly things sometimes.

Next week I might even bring my dog.

After we figure we have spent enough time in the park we usually run errands or go shopping. This week we went to Sears because apparently you have to change the water filters in the refridgerators (WHO KNEW?) and I needed to get one.
There were so many pretty party dresses out-- we fantisized about which ones we would buy and where we would wear them. There were also beautiful little girls dresses so we talked about which ones we would get for our future grand-daughters (hopefully).

Sears was also running a clearance sale.
It is hard to understand why some of these items were on clearance.

I mean, who doesn't need a pair of neon colored booty shorts?

And the price!! Can you read that? $1.99!!!!
We each got both colors. We are planning on wearing them to church Saturday night.


critterlover said...

LOL, I want pictures of you ladies in your neon booty shorts at church. Oh yes I do.

All the fun of the dog park, none of the poo duty. Makes sense to me :-)

JC said...

But, you actually have a dog ...

Oh come on now, you stocked up on those didn't you ...

And, you are praying for your adult kids ... I don't pray for mine ... I just throw money in their general direction LOL Seems to be helping with their attitudes LOL

Stacy Vogt said...

I want a pair!