Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yard Decorations

And so, a new phase begins in the
Continuing Saga of "The Pickford Renovations"
The painters started today. This is very exciting. I prayed for them. It is a BIG job.
Alex says that they will absolutely be done by Monday. Alex is my painter guy. I wonder if he knows that he is being blogged about. That could be one of those things on his bucket list. "I could die happy if only someone were to blog about me...." I know I wish someone would blog about ME!
I digress.........
So Sunday Chandra and I were out running amok (amok, amok, amok) (Tell me someone gets that reference???) and one of the stops we made was Lowes. There were so many interesting things to see at Lowes. We fantasized about our perfect dream kitchens. She bought me pink measuring cups! We looked at all the pretty plants and flowers and thought about how nice it would be to have a beautiful yard. We scoffed at how small bottom freezer refrigerators are. We took pictures. Oh yes, I did.
Because when you find the perfect decorating items you want to be sure to remember where they were.

Here is the before picture of the back yard so you can picture this in your imagination. The front yard looks a lot like this except everything is dead.

(Cricket sounds)

(tap tap... is this thing on??)

For today, a peek at the wonderful yard decorations we found:

If we decide on a western theme we have many wonderful choices:
We have the faux skull that seems perfect paired up with the beaded gecko right next to it. I know it is hard to see the gecko. It was a little too dark. It is lovely. And it is only $15.99

Then we have the ceramic Boot

There was also a ceramic hat but I guess I didn't snap a picture of that. My camera battery died in the middle of this photographic adventure so I had to go buy more batteries.
Luckily the lighting was just as bad when I returned.

My friend Chandra was nice enough to help me get a good picture of this very tempting armadillo because said lighting was so bad.
I was like "Hello Lowes!! People are trying to photograph ugly lawn ornaments here! Can we get a little natural light or something?"
Anyhow..... Should we go for a New Mexico Santa Fe type theme, there is the perfect ceramic armadillo just waiting for us. And also, please note the green ceramic chili right over Chandra's left shoulder. You can't miss that.

Finally if we decide to abandon the "My yard is completely dead so we are going to try to pretend that we actually planned it that way" approach we could do a 180 and go with a beach theme. After all... you can call it dead yard in the middle of the Mojave desert or you can call it beach.
So if we do go with beach theme here is photographic evidence that Lowes has crabs.

Oh yeah, I went there!


JC said...

You & I could have the same decorations ... I shop at Lowe's all the time ... ok, it's Mr. Boatman but I walk around looking at decorations ... and plants ... the 'oh my isn't that marvelous' feeling about nails & lumber .. gone long time ago ...

critterlover said...

Just had to say I know "amok, amok, amok" I love that movie! Hocus Pocus. Oh yeah.