Thursday, June 11, 2009

House Hunting: The Green House

As you know we are doing a lot of house hunting lately.

One thing I just do not understand is why some people feel compelled to paint dark colors inside their homes.
Of course, my daughter says that is because I am a REALLY BORING PERSON. But I like neutral colors. That doesn't make me boring. I just like a blank canvas upon which to project my creativity.
The House upon which we have bestowed our offer and which STILL languishes unaccepted has black walls in the family room and a living area with very high 2 story ceiling which is cleary an homage to the LA Lakers. The penants hanging on the walls are one clue, but the most obvious clue is the paint job: Purple walls and gold ceilings. Oh yeah. If we get this house some painter is going to be a happy camper! The room that would be my daughters is also a dark redish brown color but she is happy about that. Nothing screams teenag
er like a cave for a bedroom.
And as awful as that all is, it is nothing compared to this house we looked at the same day. There were pics of it online. See how lovely it is outside?

But the inside: 1900 square feet of brick red/orange paint.

Even on the ceilings.

And the floors have maroon carpet.
Seriously. I couldn't make this up.

When we saw this house it was empty. It doesn't look better empty.

Can someone explain this to me, PLEASE???


Boosalis Bloggle said...
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JC said...

Our beach house has colors ... everywhere.

A dark reddish in the den. Looks like a cave.

Dark yellow in another and I mean dark.

A medium dark beigh for the main house.

It took me a while to get used to it.

I am a light colors person ...

~~~ Stuey having her Pay It Forward ... if you want any cool items ... go visit your blog ~~~

Rags said...

Four letters: HGTV. I'm with you, sister! Give me bright colors any day.

critterlover said...

I used to be boring too, white or beige walls only thanks. My sweet husband, much to his chagrin now, taught me to like colors.

My teenager daughters room is all sorts of color, one wall red, one bright yellow, one bright orange and the original lavender on the ceiling and closet doors. It looks pretty cool.

I want a red accent wall in one of my big rooms. Now I'm thinking a nice bright color in my kitchen too!

But, we're going to paint the outside of the house white with black trim. Go figure huh?