Tuesday, June 9, 2009

An Abomination Against Nature And Felines Everywhere

I wish I could say that it was the EBF my sister suffered that really put her over the edge of sanity... but the truth is, she really is the same nutball she always was. Recently she bought a dog dress. As if that wasn't bad enough..... she bought it for her cat. Lily Here is Lily before being subjected to the horror that was to come. Just chillin on her cat tree. Minding her own business.
When suddenly.... she is apprehended. Held against her will and dressed.

In a dog dress.

A pink dog dress.

How could I stand there and watch this atrocity without intervening on her behalf?
It was a moral dilemma.

But after much soul searching I realized that it isn't the job of journalists as myself to judge or to interfere.
It is our job to accurately portray
real life.


Sometimes really really weird real life.
We document. We don't engage.
We stand aside. Apart. Isolated.

And we remember that what does not kill us,
makes us stronger.

Forgive me, Lily.......


JC said...

Just doing your job ...

Rags said...

PETA will be smearing your door with unmentionable horrors before noon today. But you can do this to little kids and everyone just oohs and ahhs. Look out, Kody!

JC said...

1 ~ Save the photo
2 ~ go into the dashboard part of your blog and click layout
3 ~ Click add a gadget
4 ~ click that one that says, add a picture
5 ~ type in the name of the award, say who gave it to you etc or whatever you want to say, link ... put a link to my name or not, under image put the photo,
6 ~ you save it and look to see if it's what you wanted

On the photo part, I save it then I go into my photo editor and resize the picture to see what it's coming into your puter as, I usually go for a 1 inch or so.

Let me know if you need more help...